Own A Business? 4 Reasons To Provide Epigenetic Testing For Your Employees

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You were born with a specific set of genes and a DNA map. Those markers don't change over a lifetime. But, there's another set of markers to think about. Those markers are your epigenetics. Unlike genes and DNA, epigenetics can change during your lifetime. These changes happen as a result of the natural aging process. But, epigenetics also change based on your behaviors and your environment. That's why epigenetic testing is so important.

Epigenetic testing lets you see how your behaviors and environment affect your life. Many employers include epigenetic testing as part of their hiring practices. Epigenetic testing helps employers customize their insurance policies. But, this testing can also help control health care costs and absenteeism. If you don't use epigenetic testing for your business, read the list provided below. Here are four things you can learn about your employees through epigenetic testing. 

Mental Health

If you want to provide the best services for your employees, now's the time for epigenetic testing. Mental health is a real concern in the United States. Some mental health issues are hereditary. But, some mental health problems are triggered by outside forces. These forces can include workplace stress and anxiety. Epigenetic testing can help your employees identify their risks for mental health problems. That way, they can make changes to reduce those risks. 


When you own a business, you need to worry about sickness. Infectious diseases can spread fast, especially in a work environment. Unfortunately, illness-related absenteeism can undermine productivity. That's where epigenetic testing becomes beneficial. Epigenetic testing can help your employees understand their immune systems. This lets them take steps to improve their natural immunity. As a result, they'll need fewer sick days, which improves productivity. 


Catastrophic illnesses can't be eliminated. But, they can get detected earlier. And, treatment can be more successful with early detection. This is especially true where cancer is concerned. That's why you should add epigenetic testing to your list of employee testing benefits. Epigenetic testing identifies the types of cancer genes and mutations a person carries. This information can help a person make changes that can reduce their risk for certain cancers. 


Heart health is another issue you need to worry about as an employer. One way to reduce absenteeism due to heart disease is to provide epigenetic testing. This is especially beneficial for people who have genetic markers for heart disease. Or, those who don't live a healthy lifestyle.

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